About Us


We are the Mothers, Fathers, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Grandparents, Sons, Daughters — the core volunteers. We advocate for science-based public policy to better prevent our kids and communities from disease outbreaks. We do not receive any corporate funding but worked as a true grassroots all-volunteer team.

I am Leah Russin

a lawyer turned full-time mom to a toddler. My background includes environmental policy and litigation as well as teaching high school math and science. I began Vaccinate California to give a voice to the parents who want to re-build our community immunity.

I am Hannah Henry

a web designer and artist, mother to 4 kids.  I am co-lead on the Moveon.org petition for requiring vaccines for schools. Otherwise,  I teach design at the community college and have a freelance web design business. I am passionate about science and math education, especially for kids with learning disabilities. I volunteer my time as the designer and web developer for Vaccinate California.

I am Rachel Deutsch

a lawyer who works with state and local coalitions to enact progressive policies to support working families. I live in Los Angeles with my husband and 8 month old son.

I am Tisha Terrasini Banker

an actress and mom, committed to helping advance policies that will keep California a safe and enlightened place to raise a family. My background includes work in the healthcare industry and education.

I am Dr. Amy Bacharach

a policy researcher, public servant, and, most importantly, a mom. I’ve spent my career researching and advocating for evidence-based practices and policies, and I will do the same now to ensure our children and communities are safe and free of preventable diseases.

I am Kelly Watson-Snyder

a mom, urban farmer, artist and a passionate advocate for vaccination. I love helping other parents gain confidence to find their voice and speak up about being pro-vaccine.

I am Wendy Bloom

a mother and grandmother, a daughter of a Pediatrician, a child of the “fifties”, and a Registered nurse of 28 years caring for immunocompromised children. I am a fierce advocate for my community on many issues of social justice. Getting involved and taking action for change is how I live my life. Very proud to be a pro vaccine activist.

I am Elana Ford

a life-long California resident and mother of two children with special health care needs.  Prior to my son’s birth, I taught Life Skills to at risk high school students and until 2008 worked in the investment management industry.  I hope to continue to volunteer as an advocate for children with special needs.

I am Andrew Goldenkranz:

a parent, public school science teacher and administrator. As a science teacher, I work every day to help students distinguish fact from fiction based on peer-reviewed evidence in their understanding of the natural world. As a school administrator, I know that schools are regularly protected to a higher safety standard than other public settings. As a board member of the local primary care medical centers, I know that basic preventative care, including vaccinations, protects public health and saves money compared to treating diseases that can result.  This is why I am an active volunteer with Vaccinate California.

I am Deborah Lopez

a mom of three and a community organizer, dedicated to making a difference in the world of education, homelessness, and social and economic justice. I work with our school district, local municipalities, youth groups and help run a homeless shelter with our greater faith-based community. I am the Volunteer Coordinator for Vaccinate California.

I am Renee DiResta

a mom of a toddler. I’m a data geek and got involved with Vaccinate California after doing some analyses of CA Dept of Public Health data when looking for preschools for my son. I work in tech and finance.

I am Jennifer Wonnacott

a mom to two young boys. The past year was scary with my youngest being too young to fully vaccinate, part of the reason I support SB 277. With a background in politics and public relations, I have been helping Vaccinate California with media and ensure the parents who support vaccines are heard.

…and many more volunteers