Governor Newsom Announces Support of SB276 with Amendments

Good news! Governor Gavin Newsom has announced his support of SB 276. 
Dr. Pan and the sponsors of the bill have agreed on amendments that will ensure fake medical exemptions do not undermine community immunity. This means SB 276 has the Governor’s FULL SUPPORT as we head into Thursday’s hearing.

The amendments make clear that exemptions will be reviewed if they are:

  • Written by a doctor who has signed more than five exemptions in any year
  • Written for a child who attends a school where fewer than 95 percent — the immunization threshold for preventing outbreaks in a community — of its students are up to date on vaccines

For more information, check out the current version of the bill, and read the article on the amendments from the Los Angeles Times.

This was all made possible because of your calls and emails urging Governor Newsom and the Assembly Health Committee to support the bill. Thank you for all you have been doing! Please keep calling and sending messages — the Assembly Health Committee will consider the bill THIS THURSDAY.

Thank you,

Leah Russin
Vaccinate California