Issues & Bills

SB276: ending fraudulent exemption selling

While the vast majority of physicians continue to uphold standards of care, a small number of unethical physicians have monetized their license by selling medical exemptions for profit. SB 276’s goal is to restore integrity to California’s medical exemption process by requiring future medical exemptions to be reviewed and issued by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Additionally, the bill will require the establishment of a statewide database of exemptions, establish minimum requirements for exemption forms, and allow state and and local health officers to review existing exemptions.

Links and info courtesy of Dr. Vincent Iannelli,

SB277: Removing the personal belief exemption

California Senate Bill 277 (SB277) was the California bill that removed personal belief exemptions to vaccination requirements for entry to private or public elementary or secondary schools in California, as well as day care centers. It was passed in the California State Senate in June 2015 and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on June 30, 2015. The bill, co-authored by California state Senators Richard Pan and Ben Allen, was prompted by the 2014 Disneyland measles outbreak and low levels of vaccination in pockets of California, with some schools having vaccination rates below 60%. SB277 was supported by the California Medical Association. (Source: Wikipedia)