Letters: Yes, ask your doctor about vaccinations – Enterprise-Record, 6/12/2019

Yet another antivax letter in the very midst of a vaccine preventable disease outbreak, in Thursday’s letters. This one actually makes a great suggestion: “Ask your Doctor if they still vaccinate their children.”

Yes … please do. You will find that of course they vaccinate the ones they love. If they do not …and there is a rare antivax medical provider … then you should consider changing providers. I would suggest also asking your pharmacist, physical therapist and other ancillary providers of care, and directing your business elsewhere should any of them discourage vaccination.

I believe that you will find that not only do physicians, pharmacists, nurses (like me), nurse practitioners and physician assistants encourage folks to be vaccinated…they are appalled when they hear of the very few of their numbers, who oppose vaccines. Science is science.

Human caused climate change is a real thing; Sandy  Hook was not a fake “false flag;” 911 was not an “inside job;” the earth is a sphere; people did, in fact, walk on the moon and vaccines are important to protect us from any number of diseases. Vaccines safely protect our vulnerable from death and disability from a variety of diseases, some of which have been eliminated from the world (smallpox) or nearly so (polio) due entirely to vaccination.

So, great recommendation. “Ask your doctor.”

— Bill Monroe, Chico