Island paradise for anti-vaxxers – Los Angeles Times, 4/23/2019

Re “What you need to know about measles,” April 19

There’s one big, glaring reason measles has returned to this country: the wave of anti-vaccination ignorance.

How parents could do this to their children and the rest of the country is beyond irresponsible. It is unconscionable. These people think they know better than years of scientific research and countless doctors because they read something on Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s an idea: If you want to not vaccinate your kids, fine, but keep them home all day, every day. Do not allow any interaction with anyone in any public space, ever. Move to an island where you can be safe from the ravages of vaccines that keep everyone safe and healthy.

Go live in the dark ages if you must, but do it elsewhere.

Scott Hughes, Westlake Village