Why did the L.A. Times devote space to Biel’s “views”? Los Angeles Times, 6/14/2019

To the editor: Why did the L.A. Times devote space to Biel’s “views” on established medicine and science? What did I miss? Does Biel have a degree in public health? Did she earn an medical degree?

To present Biel’s dubious reasons for opposing a vaccine bill designed to protect the health of Californians as newsworthy erodes what should be a stark divide between fact and personal anecdote, between expert and lay person, between truth and superstition, between evidence and conspiracist fantasy.

Biel’s ignorant views and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s scaremongering should not be presented alongside the work of experts like state Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), the author of the vaccine legislation as well as a practicing pediatrician.

Jo Perry, Studio City