Keep Kids Vaccinated – San Francisco Chronicle, 6/4/2019

Concerning “Newsom signals opposition to tougher vaccine rules” (June 2): Like Gov. Gavin Newsom, I am also a father, and respect the right of parents to decide how to raise their children. However, I disagree with his seemingly lukewarm support of SB276, which would tighten California’s rules on providing medical exemptions for childhood vaccinations.

When our decisions as parents adversely affect the lives of other children, such as not having them fully vaccinated, then the bureaucrats in Sacramento are not making a decision that is very personal. The number cases of measles in our Golden State has doubled (to around 40) compared to last year, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported about 700 such cases nationwide in 2019, the most in over two decades. Given these statistics, and the need for all parents to create a herd immunity to stave off even more measles cases from occurring, I urge Newsom to sign SB276 if this legislation reaches his desk.

Herman Rivera, San Jose