LA Times: Help a cancer patient — reject anti-vaccine nonsense, 5/14/2019

My nephew was born in the 1960s to my sister and brother-in-law before a vaccine against rubella existed. My sister-in-law, a teacher, contracted rubella in her first trimester.

Her son was born with many of the problems commonly found among children born to a parent with rubella. In spite of the care he received, he died at age 5.

My children were born healthy in this same era. I was somewhat sure that I had had a mild case of rubella as a child and might be immune. Even so, I told my doctor about my nephew and asked for the then newly available rubella immunization. He was reluctant to grant my request since I was of child-bearing age and only complied on the condition that I take birth control pills for six months after the vaccination. I agreed.

I wouldn’t wish our family’s tragedy on anyone.

Karen Scott Browdy, Fillmore