Statement on the Obstruction of the Dodgers Stadium Vaccination Site in Los Angeles on January 30

We are deeply saddened and outraged that antivaccine and antiscience thugs have managed to obstruct and shut down a vaccination site in Los Angeles. Vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic for us, since so many, including those taking part in this action, have refused to mask and properly social distance. 

Furthermore, these thugs have just proven that the “informed consent” and “medical choice” rhetoric of their movement is simply hot (infectious) air. After all, the many attendees who were patiently waiting their turn to protect themselves and others were there exercising their free choice and their informed consent — and this group denied them that.

We call on our elected officials to forcefully condemn today’s shameful event, and on law enforcement to increase its efforts to monitor and prepare for this kind of disruption and obstruction of public health events and activities. 

We cannot allow science deniers and conspiracy theorists to win. Enough is enough. #ThisIsOurShot