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Make Phone Calls TODAY

It’s time to tell your Assemblymember to support science-based public health policy, and that you stand with the pediatricians, school nurses, and medical professionals of California in calling for the enactment of SB 276!

Let us dial your Assemblymember for you! Fill out the form below to use our auto-caller! Want to call on your own? Find the list of phone numbers here!

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Write a Letter to Your Legislator — Protect California Kids by Ending Fraudulent Vaccine Exemptions!

A handful of California doctors are abusing the medical exemption process to sell exemptions to parents to avoid vaccines. It’s time to strengthen oversight of this process.

Our children are at risk. Our communities are at risk. Tell your California legislators to support Senate Bill 276 and reshape the California exemption process and require state-level public health approval of all exemptions. 

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Invite your friends to join us!

Send this email to everyone you know who lives in California:

Dear friends:

SB 276, new legislation to ensure that medical exemptions for school vaccine requirements are reserved for those few who truly need them. It has been endorsed the California Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics – California, and the California School Nurses, to name just a few of the many supporters.  We hope you will stand with the pediatricians and school nurses in supporting SB 276. We know, as many of you have seen, that a few doctors in the state are writing hundreds of unjustified medical exemptions, creating vulnerabilities in our community immunity. That’s part of why we’re seeing so many more cases of measles. SB 276 creates oversight by public health officials and ensures more efficient response by public health authorities in the event of outbreaks of preventable disease. 

We are asking you to do three things:

  1. Send a letter to your representatives at VaccinateCalifornia.org/take-action to make sure this important bill becomes law;
  2. Call your representative using the auto-dialer at the same link; and
  3. Share this email with your colleagues, family, and friends. If we don’t get more calls and letters in, this bill could die. Let’s keep our students healthy and in school.

Make Phone Calls | Write a Letter | Invite Your Friends | Contact Us

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