• Jul 2016

    As required by SB277, starting July 1 2016, personal belief exemptions are no longer accepted to the vaccination requirements for school attendance in California. Statement from Vaccinate California on SB277 Taking Effect Tomorrow

  • Jan 2016

    January 1, 2016 – CA schools stop accepting new personal belief exemption forms.

  • Jul 2015

    July 1, 2016 – SB277 goes into effect. New students and students enrolling in Kindergarten and seventh grade must be up to date on immunizations or have a medical exemption.

  • Jun 2015

    June 30 – Governor Brown signs SB277 – View signing statement

  • Jun 2015

    June 9th, SB277 passes Assembly Health Committee. Vaccinate California Co-Founder Hannah Henry testifies in support of the bill, followed by many many volunteer supporters.

  • Apr 2015

    April 22, SB277 passes Senate Education Committee